Apply for AIOU out-of-province scholarships before the deadline.[:urd]Apply for AIOU out-of-province scholarships before the deadline.

AIOU out-of-province scholarships

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) offers out-of-province scholarships for students from Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Jammu Kashmir, and FATA regions. The purpose of these scholarships is to provide financial assistance to meritorious students from remote and backward areas.

Out-of-province scholarships cover full tuition fee waivers and cash awards for deserving students. Students enrolled in professional programs  B.S(4-5 years), Masters (2 years), and MS/MPhil (2 years) are eligible to apply. To apply for scholarship applications for the spring 2024 semester, visit and download the prescribed application form. Read the instructions carefully and submit the completed form along with the required documents to the concerned Regional Office or AIOU Main Campus before the last date. Don’t miss this opportunity to fund your AIOU education.

Tips for Applying for AIOU Out-of-Province Scholarships

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) provides generous out-of-province scholarships to support students from remote areas. Here are some tips for applying for these scholarships:

Eligibility check students from Balochistan, GB, AJK, and FATA taking admission in AIOU BS and MS MS programs can apply.

Download the scholarship application form from Read the form carefully.

Attach all required documents, such as domicile, previous results, and income certificate.

Fill out the form and submit it to the concerned AIOU Regional Office.

Login to your AIOU account after a few weeks to check the selection status.

Selected students can submit the fee voucher from the regional office to avail of the scholarship.

Maintain academic performance to continue receiving scholarships in future semesters.

AIOU out-of-province scholarships help deserving students fund their studies. Follow the tips above to apply for these scholarships before the deadline. Check the AIOU website for the latest eligibility criteria and other details.

Review of Out-of-Province Scholarship Scheme

In 2023, Aiou launched the Out-of-Province Scholarship Scheme to provide scholarships for students to study outside their home provinces.

Important Details:

  • For undergraduate students from remote areas.
  • Covers tuition fees at Allama Iqbal Open University in other provinces.
  • Ending division and promoting national unity
  • Up to 100 scholarships are awarded annually.
  • Partnership with public and private Allama Iqbal Open University across Pakistan

The program provides opportunities for high-achieving youth to rise above local barriers by funding education at Allama Iqbal Open University across the country.

Objectives and targets

The main objectives of the out-of-province scholarship scheme are:

Access to quality education

  • Allows scholars from remote cities to study at Allama Iqbal Open University in major cities.

Abolition of provincial divisions

  • Brings together high achievers from all provinces to blend cultures and perspectives.

Retaining talent

  • Provides incentives for scholars to study and pursue careers in Pakistan.

Enhancing employability

  • Graduates gain a wide range of skills and experiences to improve employability.

Building leadership

  • Develop young, future leaders who are equipped to meet national needs.

This program is in line with HEC’s mission to increase access, inclusion, and excellence in higher education across Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process

Students who meet the criteria may apply for out-of-province scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Pakistani citizens are studying at the university of their native province.
  • Have completed at least 2 years of a 4-year undergraduate program.
  • At least 60% aggregate marks in university studies so far
  • Family income is less than PKR 150,000 per month.
  • Age 30 years or less

Selection criteria for awards

Come On uses a combination of factors to transparently award out-of-province scholarships:

  • Entrance Test Performance: 50% weightage
  • Educational Qualification: 30% weightage
  •   10% weight
  • Socio-economic status: 10% weightage

A thorough selection process identifies students who thrive through diverse exposure and education outside their home province.

Details of financial coverage and benefits

Out of Province Scholarship Scheme Funds:

  • Admitted to university in full tuition fees.
  • Accommodation is provided in student hostels on campus.
  • Health insurance coverage.
  • Monthly stipend for living expenses.
  • It costs twice as much to visit the home province.
  • Learning resources such as laptops

Scholars receive significant financial support to pursue quality education without burden.

Life as an Out-of-Province Scholar

The experience of being an out-of-province scholar is transformative.

  • An opportunity to study at the prestigious Allama Iqbal Open University across Pakistan
  • Immerse yourself in new provinces, cities, and cultures.
  • Building relationships with high-achieving colleagues across the country
  • Networking with students from different backgrounds.
  • Autonomy, accountability and personal development through self-reliance
  • Opportunity to broaden perspective beyond home provinces

Scholars grow academically and personally by embracing new life-shaping experiences.

Alumni Achievements and Career Impact

Many out-of-province scholars achieved great success:

  • Graduates receive awards and gold medals.
  • Alumni continue their studies locally and internationally through fully funded Ph.D.
  • Eligible scholars for prestigious civil services like Foreign Service of Pakistan
  • Graduates publish research papers and books.
  • Entering diverse careers in education, business, engineering, and medicine.
  • To initiate development initiatives and institutions that benefit the communities.
  • Becoming a self-motivated leader for youth

The program essentially empowers scholars to unlock their brightest potential through education.

Changing the distribution between provinces

The out-of-province scholarship scheme facilitates strong national linkages:

Inter-provincial friendship

  • Years of studying together create deep bonds that transcend provincial backgrounds.

Cultural sharing

  • Scholars exchange cultural values, traditions, music, food, and languages.

Better integration

  • Alumni have a greater appreciation for the needs of all provinces and people.

Stereotypes are reduced.

  • Direct contact eliminates harmful, stereotypical provincial mindsets.

Leadership Networks

  • Peer-to-peer relationships thrive in professional collaboration between provinces.

The interbreeding of generations studying, living and leading each other through.

The future of the program and the prospect of expansion.

come on Intends to expand the scholarship scheme outside the province:

  • Increase in the number of partners of Allama Iqbal Open University
  • Increase in the number of scholarships awarded annually.
  • Including undergraduate and graduate degree options
  • Equal representation of all provinces should be prioritized.
  • Enhancing career guidance services for scholars
  • Tracking the progress of alumni through the association
  • Promote the program nationally to attract more applicants.

Further investment in such initiatives promotes the shared prosperity of Pakistan through education without borders.

The Out of Province Scholarships Scheme pioneers positive change from classrooms to careers by promoting diversity, competence and national identity. Nurturing Pakistan’s brightest young minds, regardless of geography or income, transforms them into leaders who build communities and strengthen relationships across provinces.