How to Write Assignments with High Marks?

 How to  Write Assignments with High Marks?

Assalamu Alaikum! 

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How to  Write Assignments with High Marks?


Write the assignment but a few mistakes can your education. 

Written assignments have different formats; in some, you have to answer a set of multiple-choice questions and in others, your work is evaluated by a letter grade.
Here’s what to look out for:
A. Multiple Choice Question (MCQ): The best way to approach an MCQ assignment is to first read all of its instructions before answering any question. This will give you an idea of how much information has been asked from you and where it should be placed within your answer.
 B. Short Answer/One Paragraph Response (SAR/1PAR): In cases like these, aim to write a concise response with fewer than 150 words. Read closely and pay attention to which parts of your answer are marked wrong so that you can improve on them next time around!
C. Extended Response or Essay (EXTRA/ESSAY): Extended response or essay assignments may come in one or two parts, depending on their format. Generally speaking, if you see instructions such as Discuss or Discuss critically, take those words seriously and provide long answers—in other words, lots of substance and detail! Avoid writing generic statements like This play was horrible. Instead think about things such as structure, tone, and character development when expressing yourself with extended responses.
 D. Logical Argument Essay or Annotated Bibliography(LAE / AB): LAE / AB assignments ask you to develop strong reasoning skills while dealing with opposing views and outlining practical solutions. Take notes as you go through source material to compare and contrast ideas across books, essays, articles, and more. For an annotated bibliography, decide whether each book should be given a full sentence in your bibliography entry or just a list number.

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 How to Write Assignments with High Marks?

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