AIOU Roll Number Slip: Your Guide to Exam Preparedness

aiou roll number slip,Search Methods By Name, Enrollment Number, Program Details

Semester autumn autumn 2023 is upon us! As you gear up for your Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) exams, your trusty roll number slip becomes your key to success. But don’t worry if the process seems confusing. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know, from searching by name to downloading and understanding your slip.

Finding Aiou Roll Number Slip:

There are several ways to locate your roll number slip:

  • By Name: Unfortunately, AIOU doesn’t currently offer roll number slip search by name. But fret not! You can still use your enrollment number or program details.
  • Enrollment Number: Head to and log in using your enrollment number. Navigate to the “Exams and Grades” section, and your roll number slip should be readily available.
  • Program Details: Visit Select your program (e.g., Matric, Icom, FA), and semester, and click “Search.” Voila! Your roll number slip awaits.

Downloading and Understanding Your Slip:

Once you have aiou roll number slip, download it for future reference. Remember, the information displayed might not be entirely accurate, so double-check your exam date, time, and venue details on the official AIOU website.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Signature Verification: The “Controller Examination” signature on your slip isn’t mandatory for most programs. However, the information within is crucial.
  • Subjects and Assignments: Your roll number slip will specify the subjects you’re registered for. Remember, assignments are not included in this slip.
  • Picture Issues: Even if your picture is missing, you can still sit for the exam.

Additional Resources: