AIOU Exam Notification Issue Today Roll Number Slip

AIOU Exam Notification Issue Today Roll Number Slip

AIOU Notification Issue Today- Roll Number Slip

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has started sending roll number slips to students Thursday for autumn semester exams. According to a notification issued by Controller Examination, the roll number slips have been dispatched in mobile shape this time.


AIOU Exam Notification Issue Today Roll Number Slip



The rolls number slip will be sent through SMS and they will be dispatched according to the lists which are uploaded to the varsity’s website. Students are advised to log in with their username and password on the website to know if they have received their roll no slip in mobile shape or not.

One Roll Number Slip

Recently held Allama Iqbal open university notification, one roll number slip notifications according to aiou exam latest news today. One roll number slip each semester student sends his/her address on 26-04-2022.

Two Days Time

According to Controller Examinations Office, they are being sent within 48 hours of receiving them. Therefore all rolls slips will be sent on coming Thursday or Friday. You can also get aiou date sheet for 2022 BA rolls with no slips in the upcoming days. Just you have to wait for 2 days time and then only you will receive your roll number slip.

Contact Details on Roll Number Slip

Allama Iqbal Open University contact details, roll number slips dispatched in mobile shape aiou received all roll number slips record today.


AIOU Exam Notification Issue Today Roll Number Slip


Contact Details: The notification was issued on April 22nd, 2022 Controller Examination Office of Allama Iqbal Open University who was also quoted as saying that Students should check their mobile messages before sending such notifications. Check AIOU Before Exam Latest News Today.

Official Website

The students can get complete information about roll number slips and other AIOU today news on the official website. The university has issued a notification on its official website that roll number slips have been dispatched in mobile shape for autumn semester exams, which will start on 25 August 2021.

Important Notes ON Roll Number Slip domain is now deactivated by the previous administrator. You can visit only the above domain for future updates and use the official Email id of you [email protected] for contact about any issue related to the new policy, registration and roll number slips, news, etc.).
(Today) News is in the market that AIOU has canceled all its papers today due to the non-availability of Internet connectivity while sending rolls no slips (RNPS) notifications via SMS. Keeping it in mind we have created a Facebook page Aiou

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AIOU Exam Notification Issue Today Roll Number Slip


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