Aiou Assignments’ Questions & Answers – Matric Solved Assignments Autumn & Spring 2021-22

 Aiou Assignments’ Questions & Answers 

To perform better in your exams, you need to build strong foundations in each subject throughout your schooling and university years. 

This ignoble appeals the most out of your class notes, assignments, textbook readings, homework, and more – as well as understanding exactly what will be on the matriculation exam papers you’ll take in 2021-22 or 2022-23. 


So here’s your chance to review the ‘Aiou assignments that have already been solved by our experts, so you can learn from them before you even sit down to write any ‘aiou assignments’ of your own.

(Matric) 247 Mathematics – I (Urdu)

1. Find the value of a,b,c if 12(x^2 + a + b) = 10x^3. (AIOU Assignment Solutions is given Below)
2. Find different factors of 32000. 

(AIOU Assignment Solutions is given Below)

3. Find 2 numbers whose sum and difference are both equal to 7 and each number greater than 


(AIOU Assignment Solutions is given Below)

4. How many two-digit numbers are there which when divided by 5 leave the remainder 1?

 (AIOU Assignment Solutions is given Below)

5. A merchant sells 20 dozen shoes at Rs:500 per dozen on December 31st, 2010 and he intends to sell them at Rs:550 per dozen after 6 months at 20% profit; find his selling price in rupees per dozen after 6 months. (AIOU Assignment Solutions is given Below)

(Matric) 252 Lab Techniques In Physics

(I) Units And Basic Concepts; Vectors; Motion In One Dimension; Newton’s Laws Of Motion; Forces And Collisions.
(II) Magnetism, Electricity, Relativity; Thermodynamics Of A Gas,
 Thermal Expansion Of A Solid: (III) Fluids Properties; Hydraulics; Fluid Dynamics. Methods of Observation.

(Matric) 215 Education

This assignment has been prepared for students studying (Matric) 215 Education. It includes the following topics:
Listening and Speaking: 5 Topics
 Reading and Writing: 3 Topics
 Language Study Skills: 
1 Topic The Student should prepare himself to solve all questions from Practice Exams Series in order to achieve better results in Exams or Assignments. 
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(Matric) 241 Islamic Fiqh

The science of Islam in its totality. Its branches include jurisprudence (fiqh), theology (kalam), and mysticism. It has been described as precept upon precept for its detail, method, rigor, and comprehensiveness. This science constitutes a major part of Islamic education; it is also studied by non-Muslims in order to get a better understanding of Islam.
 The importance of ijtihad in producing religious knowledge through deduction was limited mostly to issues pertaining to worship until modern times. In that period, with social and political upheaval, a number of Muslim countries saw fit to introduce secular legal codes which contradicted or totally supplanted existing laws derived from sharia/Islamic law.
 The question for many scholars now became how sharia/Islamic law could be applied under these new circumstances.
(Matric) 259 Lab Techniques In Biology.
Your body produces red blood cells to carry oxygen around your body. Iron is one of several trace elements necessary for them to be made. What is another element essential to the production of new red blood cells?

Matric English Language

View Answer. 1. I) Yes, although it is not a requirement under copyright law ii)
 No, it will be seen as plagiarism and considered illegal iii) Yes, but you must give credit to the author of the source material. View Answer.
 2. The grammar has been corrected in ‘B’. Therefore choice B is the correct View Answer.
3. Under section 43 of the Copyright Act 1957, an act committed for purposes of a judicial proceeding or for purposes directly connected with the taking of evidence therein is exempted from infringement of copyright. 
Therefore no action can be taken by professors against students on basis that they have made notes during the examination. A student can make his own notes during exams as long as he does not use any portion of existing copyrighted work written by others without due acknowledgment. 
View Answer.
4. As per Section 18 (1)
(i) of the Pakistan  Penal Code 1860 states the punishment for criminal intimidation includes: Whoever threatens another with any injury to his person, reputation or property through oral statements, etc., intending thereby to cause alarm to that person, shall be punished with imprisonment up to two years. View Answer.

Matric Assignment

Matric Assignment, you can find related information at bottom of the post. Basically, these are assignments that were solved for matric’s (9th grade) Maths, Physics, and Chemistry and according to some sources were made during the academic year 2001-2002 by a grade 12 student from Lahore, Pakistan named ‘Saad Rafique Shah’. 
All students are encouraged to share their experiences while solving them as it would be helpful for upcoming generation students. 
These assignment questions cover many topics like Trigonometry, Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Limits, Integrals, Coordinate Geometry, and Graphs. If any student faces any problem or has any queries then feel free to contact me.
We welcome you all!

Aiou assignments

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Matric Aiou assignments-aiou studies 

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Automotive service technicians assemble and repair vehicles according to manufacturer specifications. Their duties vary based on the title.

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