Allama Iqbal open university Workshop Schedule 2022

Workshop Schedule 2022

 AIOU Workshop Schedule 2022


The AIOU reappear workshop schedule 2022 provides students with a comprehensive list of all the workshops that are taking place at AIOU from now until the end of January next year.


This includes the date, time, and location of each workshop.

Use this list to help you prepare for any upcoming class projects and plan your schedule accordingly so you can make sure you don’t miss any important opportunities to learn about various aspects of your curriculum.


Aiou Workshop


Building Knowledge through Workshops

With many online universities, students are often required to take a class on how to navigate an LMS portal. If you’re still new to AIOU and haven’t gotten around to learning about your LMS, now is your chance!


The Aiou reappear workshop schedule has workshops scheduled for January 29th from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm PST and February 1st from 8:00 am – 10:00 am PST that will help students learn about navigating through their LMS.


Personal Development Workshops

At least 20 different workshops are offered during AIOU reappear workshop schedule in 2022.


Attendees can choose to enroll in a workshop that caters to their personal development goals, from improving their professional skills to gaining self-confidence and social skills.


These workshops are taught by experts who have experience in a variety of fields and will assist attendees in setting clear goals for each session so they can make progress every time they attend a workshop.


Workshops For Specific Disciplines

AIOU reappear workshop schedule 2022 has AIOU workshops for various disciplines including art, business, languages, and more.


The schedule also shows when each workshop will take place, how long it will last, where it will take place, and who is leading it.


For example, on February 23rd at 11 am in MA/MS 306, there’s an Introduction to Marketing through Social Media workshop led by a faculty member from AIOU.


This is a 2-hour course that costs 200 rupees. Similar workshops are available throughout March with different topics like SEO Strategy or Digital Branding & Promotions.


You can view all of them on your schedule by clicking below


Technical Workshops

AIOU is Asia’s first Open University which is providing a distance education learning system and enabling students to reach their educational goals.


It offers over 900 programs in over 100 countries through an online learning platform. AIOU provides courses including Bachelor’s, Master’s, diplomas, and short courses by which all educational qualifications are recognized as equal in Pakistan.


Career Services Workshops

The AIOU Login page allows you to participate in the workshop on a given schedule.


You can register for an event here by following the steps given below To access Career Services Workshops, log into your my

AIOU account and select Career Services from the menu. Once there, click Events to view all workshops taking place at your campus or choose.


My Events if you want to register for a specific date and time.


Planning for Success in AIOU

Llamas Iqbal Open University Islamabad (Main Campus) and its regional centers are participating in AIOU Reappear workshops scheduled for the year 2022,


This is a beautiful step from Llamas Iqbal Open University Islamabad (Main Campus) to give support to their students and the university community.


Financial Assistance Programs

AIOU has a large number of financial assistance programs that the students can avail themselves of.


The AIOU Workshop Schedule 2022 has been uploaded to the AIOU official website at and anyone who wants to get information regarding any workshop held in Islamabad can check it there.


These workshops include all related information about the workshops, their dates, timings, venue, etc.


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